My Wellness Journey

Six years ago, I was diagnosed with a rare disease of my esophagus- Achalasia.  With this disease, you have reflux symptoms, uncontrollable vomiting, weight loss, unable to eat properly, and decreased energy levels. I was unable to perform at my normal high levels; both personally and professionally.  I became somewhat anorexic because I was always so fearful of having an embarrassing episode.

 Finally, after a battery of medical tests, I was faced with having surgery to give me a better quality of life. After experiencing such a traumatic hurdle in my life, I was determined to get back to a sense of normalcy sooner than later. I began using an all natural, plant-based product line along with dietary changes, which allowed me to feel better, have more energy, and enjoy life to the fullest.

Then 7 months ago, I was given an “Assignment” that would require a complete TRANSFORMATION.  I knew this assignment would be challenging, but God would be right by my side.  So receiving the diagnosis of Triple Negative Breast Cancer appeared  very fearful, but I was able to put on my armor and prepare for the battle that was ahead of me.  I invite you to step into my “Quest” through breast cancer, in hopes to inspire, educate, and motivate others to look at life through a different lens. See sometimes we look at life challenges as death sentences, punishment, or the lack of favor, but in actuality we should view them as blessings for others.

I now realize that God was calling me to share this amazing testimony with others and also allow this platform to lead me to the next chapter of  my LIFE!!!!!


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