Hearing the words “You have cancer” can understandably leave you feeling overwhelmed and that’s exactly how I felt.  I had no idea what my next steps would entail, but I knew I was going to need to seek further medical assistance.  However, even before I could obtain my healthcare team, I needed to get my family and sistah-circle involved because I knew I would be relying on them heavily.  So I shared this news with my immediate family as well as my closest friends.  I remember sitting in my guest bedroom closet curled up on the floor just weeping and calling on GOD!!!!! I picked up the phone and had a 3 way conversation with my best friends, so I could share this devastating news. They were just as shocked as I was and we all were filled with so many emotions. Then one of my best friends said “I am going to make a few calls and we will be right here for you, so do not worry”.  When we hung up the phone, all I could do was cry some more as I laid across the floor, wondering WHY ME???

Then two days later, my best friend connected me with a radiation oncologist, who took time out her busy schedule to consult with my husband and I.  During our visit with her, she was able to depict a very vivid picture of what the next year would look like for us as a family.  From that point forward, she was able to connect me with the rest of my healthcare team.  I was so blessed to have all of these next steps line up so perfectly.

So see sometimes even when we don’t know the next steps, God is already working them out on our behalf!!!