No Hair, Don’t Care is the story of how a mother and daughter learn to cope with the side effects of chemotherapy, and hair loss in particular. During the journey, we see both mom and daughter rely on prayer, love, determination, and a positive attitude to help them overcome their fears.

Lexie and her mom realize that all they need is love to keep their family together during such a critical time. This heart-felt, empowering book allows parents to engage their children in honest and encouraging discussions about cancer.

Join us on this journey as we continue to raise awareness about cancer and how it can affect families, but with a positive mindset we can change the world with one thought at a time.

Personal reviews/ testimonials

A story for all | This book tells the beautiful story of a mom battling breast cancer through the eyes of her third grader. The daily affirmations changed my thinking for my son and I. I read them. He believes them. They change us. Amazing story of hope and courage~ CMN

Helps children’s understanding and acceptance | I love everything about this book! Unfortunately, this is not a unique story, but somehow the author has made it even more relatable. Cancer is an awful, debilitating disease that affects the patient, but also sinks it’s claws into family and loved ones. As an educator, I recognize the power of literacy, and this book helps to acknowledge how families feel and helps to take the power back from cancer! This book will surely aid in helping young ones deal with what is to come with this diagnosis and understanding their own feelings~ Amazon customer

Empowering, Accurate, and age appropriate | I am a breast cancer survivor and losing my hair was difficult but it was more heartbreaking watching my oldest daughter (age 8) be so effected by it. By the time chemo was over and my hair started growing back… into our lives walks this book. It is so wonderful. It is empowering and an age appropriate explanation of what’s happening. I purchased the book 1 year out of chemotherapy to read with my daughter. We read it together and talked a lot about her feelings. Even though my hair has grown back, it opened the door for some very important and necessary dialog with my baby. We are not our hair. We are strong in the face of struggle. We stand tall filled with pride… No hair, don’t care❤~ Breast cancer survivor

Love will Prevail Forever! | Reading this book made me think about the challenges my dad faced while fighting cancer. He lost his life to cancer two years ago. When I read this story, it was like therapy. I would definitely recommend this book for anyone to read who’s struggling with a loved one dealing with cancer. You can feel the love between the mother and daughter through the author’s words in this story~ CP


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