On September 12, I was awaken with the spirit to have praise and worship. I decided to listen to one of my favorite spiritual mentors- Sarah Jake Roberts. While listening to her sermon, I felt God building an even stronger fortress around me to prepare me for the “ASSIGNMENT” that he was about to give on that day. As I arrived to work, I felt prepared with the Armor of God and ready to tackle my day as usual. Then around 3:50 pm when my phone rang from an unfamiliar number that called earlier that morning. I answered the phone, not knowing that my life would be forever changed.

Once I said “hello,” the caller identified herself and asked me if I had a moment to chat? She then asked me if I had some paper and pencil because she needed to give me some important information. After a split second, she said “Mrs. Estes, your biopsy came back POSITIVE for infiltrating ductal carcinoma of the right breast.” Could you imagine what I was feeling??? I was in a state of shock and disbelief, which equated to My Death Sentence!!!!!! My mind began to wonder all over the place. I had no idea what this meant for me and my family. I immediately called my husband to give him this news and we just cried together, thinking how could this be happening to us?

The emotions that came over me had DEATH written all over it! I begin thinking to myself, this is not how I planned to leave my family and friends, I still have so much to accomplish in life, and this is just not fair!!!!