About 8 months ago, I received a “New Assignment“ as one of God’s most high children to share with the world that my body had been invaded with this disease we call Triple Negative Breast Cancer.  I initially received this as a death sentence, but I now look upon it in such a positive light!

So please let me reintroduce myself!!! I am Shaquita Estes : a praying woman, happily married for 19yrs, mom of 2, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner,  an Entrepreneur, and a sistah / mama friend to many.

Going through this transition so far has not been an easy journey, however with God, my family, my ride or die “Ta-Ta Troop”, and a host of other friends and supporters, I will survive! So as I look at the new me, I have embraced all my natural beauty from my head to my toes.

As I look out into the sunset, all I see is God telling me that there is light on the other side of this assignment, so be not afraid!!! Hold your head high as a beautiful African American woman, with pecan- brown skin. ROCK your slick bald head!!! Flicker your big and bold eyes and wear your black frames that accentuate your high cheek bones. Strut your perfect little nose and let your lips  pop with Tootise red lipstick. Arch your back and walk the runway in confidence everyday as a humble servant of God, a fighter, empowering women to engage in self-care, inspiring and being  passionate to help raise awareness to others, and most importantly to be a WARRIOR!!!

Just simply “OWN IT!”